The Audio Industry Alliance (AIA):

Our Alliance


AIA is a cooperative founded by audio industry veteran Michel Plante on the premise that our industry’s best chance for success lies in us working together to create a common front. All of us, in every sector of the audio industry, knows how important it is for our future to be able to attract music listeners to the audio hobby and generate repeat sales, but until now we’ve been hard pressed to come up with a concrete plan or the means to achieve both. AIA believes that we have the means if we band together.


It all started in 2019

We have been working on this project since October, 2019. When, at the Florida Audio Expo in February 2020, we presented it to influencers of our industry, the response exceeded our expectations.

It showed us that as a group we understand that the time to join forces to secure the future of our industry before it's too late is now. The last few years have been difficult, and with this year's pandemic and recession, things have only gotten worse.


Sky is the limit

Today, we have an advantage we didn't have in the 90s: technology. It allows us to communicate with each other instantaneously around the globe to share ideas and information. Imagine the most successful among us sharing our success stories, our contacts, our good and bad experiences with brand X and Y, educational videos on how to improve our social media presence, build an online business, market our store or our brand in 2020, follow-up on a lead, or offer a High-End service even if we only sell mid-fi gear, etc. That's the idea behind OUR Alliance. The sky is the limit in the number of ways we can help each other out.


No politics


In my business dealings, I have never tolerated industry "politics" or favouritism, and nor will they be tolerated within the Alliance, whose sole purpose is to help our industry prosper and, in the process, improve our respective livelihoods and general sense of contentment that things are finally picking up professionally. So take your place, stay genuine, focus on mid and long term goals, and we'll get there together, by the force of our unity.

Our strategy is very simple, but also very challenging to manage. It's going to be exciting. 


OUR Alliance

 To be clear, this Alliance isn’t my Alliance — it isn't a "me" thing. It is OUR Alliance, OUR tool to help our industry improve its visibility in the marketplace. It won’t be run by board members, committees, executives, or by anything tied to a system of bureaucracy, which has often been cited as the reason why past attempts by other organizations to raise our profile failed.


We're all interconnected

Services offered by the Alliance will focus on helping as many of us as possible to grow our businesses. We're all interconnected. When the retail sector does well, so does the manufacturing sector, so do the shows and publications. The only way to win long term is if it's a win-win situation! We are positioning the Alliance as an incubator of ideas and projects with its primary objective being to generate more traffic to brick-and-mortar and online stores. 


The Audio Industry Alliance (AIA)


I founded the Audio Industry Alliance to improve the personal fortunes of every one of us, from manufacturer, to street-level store, to audio publication and audio show. Our organization believes firmly in the adage that a rising tide lifts all boats.” — Michel Plante, Founder and CEO, Audio Industry Alliance


For more information on how to become an AIA member, click here.